Pretoria and Johannesburg High Courts to go paperless

Pretoria and Johannesburg High Courts to go paperless


On 27 September 2019 Judge President Dunstan Mlambo introduced the implementation of the CaseLines system at the Pretoria- and Johannesburg High Courts.


CaseLines is an advanced cloud-based solution that offers digitalization of Court processes.


The system aims to do away with:


  • The immense volume of paper handled within each Court hearing;
  • Long queues daily in Registrars’ offices;
  • Crowded Court public spaces by lawyers and members of the public;
  • Misfiled/lost/stolen files;
  • Chaotic file retrieval and accessibility;
  • Fraudulent court orders.


Benefits of using CaseLines:


  • The system has a built-in indexing and pagination capability;
  • No more preparation of bundles. All pleadings will be online and anyone registered and invited in a specific case will have access to the pleadings for that case;
  • Costs savings by clients and lawyers.


Other enhancements to be implemented:


  • Court Order emailing project;
  • Uploading/emailing of Heads of Argument and Practice Notes;
  • Procurement of industrial scanners for back scanning of historical records and files to be available as soft copies in order to reduce dependency on physical space.


Lawyers will use their laptops at Court and are encouraged to take notes on their laptops, use electronic diaries, participate in online forums and do their own online research.  Wi-fi will be available at the Courts for these purposes.


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Lizelle Marx